Our massage therapists have been trained in a variety of massage techniques and modalities. We encourage you to discuss your preferences and goals with your therapist. Note that pregnant women, people who have had recent surgery, or people with allergies, varicose veins, high blood pressure, or heart conditions should mention the condition when scheduling services.

Mayan Therapy 80min

$120 USD



A perfect combination of classic Mayan massage with the guaje, lomi lomi, feet massage (pressing some reflected points), face acupressure techniques and scalp massage, a complete experience of well-being for body and mind. It’s including a Moisturizing Facial and a Mayan tea.


Back Massage 30min 

$50 USD  


Relieves the pain and reduces fatigue in the back, neck and shoulders, improving circulation in major areas of tension.


Tired Legs Massage 30min  

$45 USD



Revitalizing and refreshing massage that helps to relieve the sensation of heaviness, tension and swelling of the legs.


Swedish Massage 50 Min

 $75 USD



Relaxing massage based on soft and firm movements that allows to increase circulation and to diminish muscular tension. Ideal choice if it is your first massage.



 Mix Therapy 80 Min 

$100 USD 



A perfect combination of classic Swedish massage, lomi lomi, feet massage (pressing some reflected points), face acupressure techniques and scalp massage, a complete experience of well-being for body and mind.



 Aromatherapy Massage

 60Min $70 USD / 80Min $90 USD


 The application of essential oils in specific zones and soft manipulations will relax the body while helping to reduce emotional affections granting a sensory unique experience.




Deep Tissue Massage 

 60Min. $85 USD/ 80Min.$110 USD



Hard pressure massage to muscular level and connective tissue. Reduces pain and undoes muscular knots; ideally for sportsmen. It is not recommendable for people with vascular problems, edemas, torn muscles or first massage timers.




Hot Stone Massage 80min 

 $110 USD

Relaxing holistic therapy based on the use of special river stones to stimulate the energetic points of the body, balancing the 7 chakras, reduces pain and revitalizes the skin.



 Reflexology 60 Min   

 $70 USD 


Therapy applied in feet and hands that consist on the stimulation of nerves and energetic terminals of the whole body reflected on these areas, helping to the good functioning of the organism.




Thai massage 80 Min   

$110 USD 

Contrary to the popular Swedish massage, the Thai massage is focuses  on the physical aspect of the body with the kneading of muscles, Thai massages addresses and combines techniques usually found isolated in the western physiotherapies including trigger point treatments, Myofascial techniques, Neuro muscular therapy, and manual therapy among others.




Pregnancy Massage 60 Min  

$70 USD


Technique with soft and firm movements which provides well-being and relaxation helping to reduce stress and fluid retention. The perfect rest for expectant mothers.





Lymphatic Drainage Massage 60 Min

 $75 USD


Soft massage with slow and ascending progressive movements which activates the lymph circulation improving the elimination of toxins.

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