Swedish couple massage 50mins $50 usd per person



Honeymoon massage 60mins  $75 usd per person

Promotion Beach Massages 


Couples Beach Massage          60mins  $40 usd per person


Groups after 4 person

                                                            60mins Relaxing Massage

                                                            $35 usd per person


The promotion only applies in advance booking  

The Mayan spa is a small space dedicated to providing quality service health and wellness, where you may find everything from a relaxing massage to a deep tissue massage. 

We are a professional company, our therapists we are certified with extensive experience in the industry, which supports us. 

In The Mayan Spa we want to be part of their journey to wellness, helping you find harmony between your inner self and the energy of the universe.


TELS. 00+52-998 2574614 & 00+52-998-158-4079

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